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Welcome to Right to Rebel,
est. 2006
206 articles in English
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There are no =rTr= community alerts/notifications at this time.

Clan Basics


Current Server Listing

Type Server Name Max Players Connect Rules, Change Log, etc..
Ts 16x16.png =rTr= Discord Server 1,000 Join More Info..
Bf4 16x16.png =rTr= #1 ~ HARDCORE CONQUEST 64 Join More Info..
Ark 16x16.png [rTr] ARK: Survival Envolved 66 Join More Info..
Rust on.png [rTr] Rust Vanilla 120 Join More Info..
All server pages are kept up to date with the latest change logs and rules. Click MORE INFO to review.



How do I join the Right to Rebel gaming community?

We first off want to say thank you for showing interest in joining our community. Everyone interested in joining the community must submit an application to join. You can learn more about the recruitment process by visiting HERE

How do I appeal my ban?

At Right to Rebel we give everyone that is banned an opportunity to file an appeal. You can learn more about appealing your ban HERE


Where do I request a reserved/VIP slot?

All active/retired military members and RTR members rank E-2 (Private) or higher qualify for a reserved slot in our battlefield servers. Please follow [SOP#] to request access.

Common Member Questions


How long until I'm promoted from Recruit to Private (E-2)?

Recruits will have to be active in our game servers and Teamspeak for a full month (30 days) to become a Private. After 30 days, a recruiter will get with you to promote you to Private.

Where can I view the time in grade promotion requirements?

Time in Grade promotions can be done from PVT to PFC then PFC to CPL.To view the requirements please view Enlisted Rank

Promotion Guidelines

These Promotions and Promotion Guidelines links will assist you with the promotion process.