Extended Leave of Absence

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Extended Leave of Absence(ELOA) is a term used to describe a period of time that one will be away from his/her duties for longer than 90 days in Right to Rebel while maintaining the status of member.

Extended Leave of Absence

Extended leave of absence is the term used for an absence of more than 90 days. A Personnel Action Form(PAF) must be filled in order to be granted a Extended Leave of Absence(ELOA). During a Extended Leave of Absence(ELOA) members are excused of all Right to Rebel activities taking place during the absence.

Return to Active Duty

At the end of the Extended Leave of Absence(ELOA) period the member may return to active duty after doing the following: MUST fill in a Personnel Action Form(PAF), for "return to active duty", and receive a briefing from your section Officer in Charge(OIC) in order to resume their duties.

Link to Access Personnel Action Form (PAF)

Personnel Action Form(PAF)