Rules & Regulations

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Article R&R Section
COC.1 1 Respect
• Treat others as you would like to be treated. Period!
COC.2 2 Honor
• (a): If you bring shame to the RTR Community name that we have all created together you will be dismissed.
• (b): If you HACK/CHEAT/EXPLOIT etc. leave now with a good name. If you are found out we will tarnish your name and you will lose the respect of all these fine members.
• (c): Our word is all we really have and dishonesty will not be tolerated.
COC.3 3 Community.
• (a): Respect ALL players when on our servers; always strive to be professional when "chatting" via text or in squad speak and never engage in "squabbles" or "shouting matches".
• (b): All members must be in Team Speak while on an <RTR> server. If you are not you will be warned once and subsequently kicked should compliance not be met.
• (c): All members must adhere to the "No Dual-Clanning" rule.
COC.4 4 Discretion
• (a): Community business should stay "OUR" business.
• (b): No excessive Drama. We all have bad days and need to "vent" a little, that's what friends are for, but when the drama gets to be a distraction to the Community that member (or members) will be asked to take a leave of absence or be dismissed.
COC.5 5 Responsibility
• This clan is self supporting. All members are expected to contribute to the cost and maintaining of the community whether by cash donation or service to the Community.
RR 6 Conduct: Member Abuse and Sexual Harassment
• 1. No Right to Rebel Member will make any public or private derogatory, insulting, or otherwise disrespectful comment about a fellow clan member in the Voice Chat Client, (i.e. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.) on the game servers, or on any forums.
• 2. No racist, discriminatory, or otherwise insulting remarks.
• 3. At anytime a conversation becomes "salacious, harassing, predatory, or otherwise distasteful", that member or members will be subject to disciplinary action up to immediate dismissal. Sexual misconduct and sexual harassment will not be tolerated ever.

Not following these rules may result in instant removal from all duties, your accounts suspended, and your access to the servers temporarily banned until such time that a court martial hearing can be held.

RR 6.1 Conduct: Language & Behavior on Discord
• 1. Cursing during combat may be tolerated to a point.; However, rude comments and abusive language are not going to be tolerated. Please watch your language and watch your comments.
• 2. English is the preferred language on the Discord server. Using other languages is allowed when talking in private or when all people in the channel understand that language. Using another language to exclude other people in the channel, or to dodge Discord rules, is not allowed.
• 3. For any channel preceded by a "⚠️ " icon you must observe the "Competitive Discord Channel" rules found here: [1]
RR 6.2 Conduct: Use of Mind Altering Substances
• 1. RTR strives to provide an honorable and clean gaming environment for all members.
• 2. If a member is consuming alcoholic beverages, they must use good judgment and remove themselves from the RTR environment before becoming obviously intoxicated.
• 3. Any member using illegal drugs shall not discuss or glorify its use on our Discord, our Forums, or in chat.
RR 6.3 Conduct: Communications
• 1. Members must have a working microphone.
• 2. All members must be on the Voice Chat Client (i.e. Teamspeak, Discord, etc.) if playing in Right to Rebel Servers. This is in order to communicate during battle.
• 3. We strongly encourage the use of 'push to talk' mode as a way to activate your microphone. Using 'voice activation' mode is allowed when using a headset or headphones but make sure to set up sensitivity in such way that your microphone isn't triggered by your breathing or your neighbor's chainsaw.
• 4. If you are away from your PC for more than 30 minutes log off of your voice chat client (i.e. Teamspeak, Discord, etc.). The only people this does not apply to is the General Staff.
RR 6.4 Conduct: Communications

"Bar Room Rules" apply

•There is no place for politics and religion on the forums.
•If you wish to discuss these subjects in Voice Chat Client (i.e. Teamspeak, Discord, etc.), make sure you are doing it in your specific office. (I.E. section leader, platoon leader etc.) If you are a member get permission from an office holder to have this discussion. Do not hold it in open Voice Chat Client channels.
RR 6.5 Subject: Glitching
•It will be a punishable offense under the UCMJ via Article 15 if a known glitch is utilized and the person utilizing it is blatantly violating this rule.
If the person is an enlistee to PFC and it appears that the usage of the glitch is accidental, then a verbal counseling is warranted. However if the person is of the rank of SPC or above and is utilizing a glitch, then a verbal counseling is NOT warranted and charges may be brought if so desired by the JAG department.
ARP 7 Adming:General Admining Rules

General Admining Rules

• 1. Your admin rights are a privilege granted to those who support the community as such this privilege will be removed if abused.
• 2. Warnings, Kicks, and Bans MUST have a short, professional description for the reason.
• 3. At no time should an Admin/Member cause/engage in arguments, trading of insults, or any other behavior that the Community deems unprofessional or dishonorable.
• 4. Never openly accuse a player of cheating or hacking.
• 5. Glitching is immediately BANNABLE.
• 6. Banning is not to be done lightly; it should be reserved for the worst offenders. Refer bans to a Sr.Officer when possible.
• 7. Your responsibility as an ADMIN is to uphold the Community's number one rule, enforce the server rules, and ensure good game play on our servers.
• 8. As an ADMIN you MUST set the standard for the other players; you have the good name of OUR community in your hands.
GENORD 7.1 Discord Rules

=rTr= is a no-BS community. Play nice, be respectful, polite & fair and you will be treated the same.

• 1. Violation of our rules may result in a kick or ban without warning or explanation.
• 2. Disrespect or trolling our Admins, =rTr= or any other person(s) in any manner will result in an immediate ban from our Discord.
• 3. Trash talk and insults are allowed within reason; However, DO NOT be overly vulgar, insulting or disrespectful.
• 4. Refrain from political, religious gore filled and/or sexual conversations or posts in Discord. Unwelcome and/or unwarranted sexual comments directed towards female users will result in an immediate ban and (if an =rTr= member) discharge from the community.
• 5. Offensive or vulgar names will not be allowed.
• 6. Actions disruptive to the harmony and/or population of the server will not be tolerated. This includes excessive music, soundboard clips and/or voice modifying programs.
• 7. No recruiting for other clans, game servers or voip programs (teamspeak, mumble, ventrilo, etc…) is allowed in the =rTr= Discord.
• 8. =rTr= is an American server. Please use English only.
• 9. Recording of =rTr= Discord channels for public or private use is prohibited unless approved in writing by a member of JCS. Community meetings and training sessions are the only exception.
• 10. Absolutely no discussions regarding bans, kicks or admin'ing practices will be held with users outside of the =rTr= community in Discord (or in-game). The only allowable discourse is to advise the person to either file a ban appeal and/or file a complaint on the website.
• 11. DO NOT open text chats with other Discord users for matters you should have put in a PAF for. Violation of this rule will result in a loss of chat privileges or further disciplinary actions.
• 12. Respect others use of Discord. Do not jump into a game channel and start yacking about non-game related issues. There are chit-chat and general channels for those types of conversations. Keep the game channels predominantly about gaming or find another channel to talk in.
GENORD 7.1 Admining:PROCON Users


• 1. Procon users MUST be in Discord while using admin procedures, this helps prevent any miscommunication and obscure observations of actual gameplay and players.
• 2. Procon users will not use its function to visit with players using non admin based chat.
• 3. If a suspected cheater is found using the Procon feature combined with the Cheat-O-Meter and players observations, then an Incident Report will be posted in addition to the Cheat-O-Meters web link and a permanent ban will be issued.
• 4. Permanent game bans are reserved for the worst rule offenders after a Yell warning has been issued. This includes repeat offenders, game disrupters, and players who continue unsportsmanlike behavior.
• 5. Time bans may also be used to ban an offending player. Reason and time of the ban is at admin discretion.
• 6. Ban reports will be reviewed and investigated by administration for final approval.
• 7. Remember, good fair players who are on the server are also watching and expecting good clean game play. As an Admin it is your responsibility to provide them with a great RTR server game experience.
• 8. Procon rules will be enforced by the Division Administration Office. Failure to follow protocol will result in removal of privileges.
GENORD 7.2 Adming:Changes

Changes to Admining Rules and Procedures

NO CHANGES and/or ADDITIONS may be made to these Rules and Procedures without the approval of the Division Administration Office. ALL changes MUST be posted by the ISSUING AUTHORITY (S-1) ONLY.
RR 8 Servers:Discord-New Channels
• No Discord channels may be created without the approval of the OIC of S6.
RR 8.1 Servers:Private Game Servers using Right to Rebel Tags
• No private server will be run by any members of this unit with Right to Rebel tags. I encourage you not to even run your own private server but I cannot stop you. However, Right to Rebel will not be listed in the server title and you should not be wearing your tags while in the server.
If you need to test a mod or develop a map there are servers at your disposal... if you are holding a practice there are servers at your disposal... if you're wanting to just play some random map, instead of playing in our servers to recruit, then I suggest you take your tags off as it will not be sanctioned.

In addition, by playing in your own private servers, you're deterring the recruiting effort hence hurting the unit as a whole. So it's your choice.