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The Negative Counseling Statement (NCS) is a tool used by superiors in the Right to Rebel (from Squad Leaders and above) to correct the negative actions or behavior of their subordinates. The main requirement of the Negative Counseling Statement(NCS) is the verbal counseling of the trooper by their superior, in which the behavior is addressed and corrected. Superiors will cover the issue, any disciplinary action that will be taken, and consequences of future re-occurrence.

The NCS form is used to record the infraction, corrective action, and any recommended disciplinary action against the trooper. NCS forms are completed by the S1 department.

File:NCS Blank.jpg
NCS Blank Form


After an infraction is committed the following process

  • The offender’s superior (Squad Leader and above) get’s together with trooper and goes over the infraction, the trooper’s responsibility and expectation, disciplinary action that will be taken, and the consequences of future re-occurrence.
  • Trooper’s superior will ask if Trooper wishes to appeal the NCS. If he wishes to dispute the NCS follow instructions below NCS Appeal below.
  • Trooper’s superior will complete Sections I and II of the NCS form then forward the form to the next level up on the Chain of command for approval.
  • The next level of the CoC will review the NCS and ensure that an actual verbal counseling session took place (NOT VIA PM OR EMAIL), ensure that the NCS is complete and that the disciplinary action (if any is taken) is appropriate.
  • The next level of the CoC will approve the NCS by completing Section III of the NCS form and forwarding the completed NCS Form to the email for final processing by the S1.
  • S1 personnel will process the NCS by doing the following.
    • Complete Section IV of the NCS form (at the time it is being processed…no backdating).
    • Upload the NCS pdf file to the ftp site.
    • Update the trooper’s MILPAC Service Record with the following;
      • Date: NCS Approval Date “xx/xx/xx”.
      • Record: “NEGATIVE COUNSELING STATEMENT: "Description of the infraction committed or reason for the NCS"


The appeal process involves the review of the incident by the Chief of Staff and the Battalion Staff. The Trooper’s Superior will forward the NCS form (with Section I and II completed). The Chief of Staff and Division Staff will review the incident, interview all the parties and make a decision. All decisions are final.

If the decision stands, the Chief of Staff will approve the NCS (by completing Section III) and forward the form to the S1 Dept (

Blank Form

The blank NCS form is available here:

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