Awards Policy

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Right to Rebel maintains an Award section on every member's roster page. This program is used to recognize members who have gone above and beyond to earn medals/ribbons with specific requirements. Every medal/ribbon can be earned by fulfilling its prerequisites and either submitting a Personnel Action Form (PAF) or having one be submitted by a superior officer.


All award recommendations will be prepared in accordance with the examples in this SOP, and forwarded to the Company Commander through the First Sergeant for recommendation and signature. Recommendations with clerical errors or those without substantial justification will be immediately returned to the submitting section or platoon for correction. All ribbon/medal requests will be overseen by the Department of Heraldry which is subordinate to the Division Administration Office.


Reccommendation for Campaign Medal

Reccommendation for Training Medal

Reccommendation for Service Medal

Reccommendation for Professional Development Medal

Reccommendation for Unit Awards