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Right to Rebel staff is divided into four departments: Command Staff, Division Staff, Community staff and Company staff. These departments work hand-in-hand to further the goals of the community as a whole.

Command Staff

Consisting of the Community Leader, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sergeant Major of the Army and the JAG Corps, the Command Staff is the head of Right to Rebel. These members have been with rTr the longest and have put many hours into creating what we have today. The Command staff has the final word on any major changes to the community.

Community Staff

Community Staff is comprised of the Division Directors, Command Staff and the Dirty Bastards. This department grants oversight to all other areas of Right to Rebel that fall below their positions.

Division Staff

Division staff consists of the Division Leader/Executive Officer, Command Sergeant Major, Division Sergeant Major, and the Division Section Staff. This department oversees and performs the day to day duties of the community ranging from command functions to administrative actions. Members in the Division Staff are often specialized in a specific area of expertise.

Company Staff

Company Staff includes the Company Commander/Executive Officer, Company First Sergeant, Platoon Leaders/Sergeants and Squad Leaders. Company staff are further divided into two companies: Bravo Company and Charlie Company. Company staff are dedicated to specific games that Right to Rebel either hosts a server on, or has a large player-base in. This is the most fluid department as Right to Rebel always adapts to changes in our memberships long-term interests.