Company Structure

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Right to Rebel is currently organised into two Companies to better structure the Chain of Command. Both companies have a Company Commander, Company Executive Officer, and Company First Sergeant. This group, coupled with the Platoon Leaders/Sergeants and Squad Leaders, make up the chain of command for each Company and report to the Division Office. Both Companies work in tandem to ensure the longevity of Right to Rebel.

Bravo Company

Bravo Company focuses on First Person Shooter (FPS), mainly those of a military nature, games/servers. Bravo Company is the oldest of the two companies and has held BattleField as one of its mainstays since Right to Rebel's inception.

Charlie Company

Charlie Company focuses more on the spice of life: variety. Games ranging from MMORPGs to survival and exploration reside within this company. Charlie Company is the newest company and includes the cutting edge of Right to Rebels game ventures within the aptly named PathFinder Platoon.