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Server Name: Righttorebel.net Wiped 3/24, 2wk Wipes- Admin
Server IP:
Max Players: 100
Map: Procedural Map
Wipe Schedule: 2 Weeks (The server is reset every two weeks)

Server Rules

R01. No Cheats/Hacks - Simple and straight forward.

R02. No Exploits/Glitches - This is a little more subjective and sometime hard to catch. Most of the time if a player is caught using a glitch they will be warned and steps taken to re-level the playing field. Second offense will result in a ban.

R03. No Abusive,Toxic or Racial Comments - First offense will result in a kick, the second a ban.

R04. Be Respectful to Admins and Mods and the Server - Trolling Admins or Mods will get you banned, its common sense. Disparaging the Server will result in the players removal and or ban.

R05. No Advertising Servers, Groups or activities outside of or off RTR servers. - Players advertising or recruiting for other servers will be banned with no warning. These types of actions will be shared with other server owners.

It is Right to Rebel policy to never discuss bans or ban appeals on Teamspeak, in game (via chat or VIOP) or in the Forums. All ban appeals must be made via RTR's "BAN Appeal Request" form.


[SOP: How to Appeal Ban]

Server Change Log

Server Change [01/01/2016]

  • Change description

Server Change [01/01/2016]

  • Change description