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Rank is a system of hierarchical relationships in Right to Rebel. It is modeled after the US military ranking system. Usually, uniforms denote the bearer's rank by particular insignia affixed to the uniforms. Ranking systems have been known for most of military history to be advantageous for military operations, in particular with regards to logistics, command, and coordination; as time continued and military operations became larger and more complex, military ranks increased and ranking systems themselves became more complex.

Right to Rebel and all modern military services recognize three broad categories of personnel. These are codified in the Geneva Conventions, which distinguish officers, non-commissioned officers, and enlisted men.

The member ranks relate to time in and service to the Community, post held, level of access and responsibilities.

Commissioned Officers

Officers are distinguished from other military members (or an Officer in Training) by holding a commission; they are trained or training as leaders and hold command positions. Officers are further generally separated into four levels: Generals, Officers or Senior Officers, Company Grade or Junior Officers, and Subordinate Officers.

Warrant Officers

In Right to Rebel, a Warrant Officer (grade W-1 to W-5) is ranked as an officer above the senior-most enlisted ranks, as well as officer cadets and candidates, but below the Officers lowest grade. Warrant officers are highly skilled, single-track specialty officers of Right to Rebel.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are enlisted personnel, under the command of an officer, granted delegated authority to supervise other military members or assigned significant administrative responsibilities. They are responsible for the care and direct control of junior military members, often functioning in the smaller field units as Executive Officers.

Enlisted men

Enlisted personnel are personnel below commissioned rank and make up the vast majority of military personnel.

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