Warrant officers rank

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A Warrant Officer (grade W-1 to W-5) in Right to Rebel is ranked as an officer above the senior-most enlisted ranks, as well as officer cadets and candidates, but below the officer grade. A Warrant Officer (WO) is an officer in a military organization who is designated an officer by a warrant, as distinguished from a commissioned officer who is designated an officer by a commission, or non-commissioned officer (NCO) who is designated an officer by virtue of seniority.


The chart below represents the current warrant officers rank insignia of Right to Rebel.

Right to Rebel Grade W-1 W-2 W-3 W-4 W-5
Insignia Wo1.png CW2.png CW3.png CW4.png OFFCW5.gif
Title Warrant Officer 1 Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chief Warrant Officer 4 Chief Warrant Officer 5
Abbreviation WO1 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5

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