Medals and Decorations

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Awards and decorations of Right to Rebel are military decorations which recognize service and personal accomplishments while a member of Right to Rebel. Together with Military badges of Right to Rebel, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Right to Rebel medals and ribbons

Ribbon/Award Name
Distinguished Service medals
Communitymedalsmall.png   Community Service Medal
Commendation medals
55px-Marine Corps Brevet Medal ribbon.svg.png   Brevet Medal
55px-Joint Service Commendation ribbon.svg.png   Joint Service Commendation Medal
55px-Army Commendation Medal ribbon.svg.png   Army Commendation Medal
Achievement medals
55px-Us jointservachiev rib.svg.png   Joint Services Achievement Medal
55px-Army Achievement Medal ribbon.svg.png   Army Achievement Medal
Unit Award
55px-Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.svg.png   Right to Rage Unit
55px-Joint Meritorious Unit Award ribbon.svg.png   Joint Meritorious Unit Award
55px-Valorous Unit Award ribbon.svg.png   Valorous Unit Award
Meritorious Unit Commendation
55px-Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon.svg.png   Meritorious Unit Commendation
55px-Army Superior Unit Award ribbon.svg.png   Superior Unit Award
Combat Service Awards
55px-Army Overseas Service Ribbon.svg.png   Overseas Service Ribbon
Service Awards
55px-Outstanding Volunteer Service ribbon.svg.png   Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
55 longevity service award.jpg   Longevity Service Award
Good Conduct medals
55px-Army Good Conduct ribbon.svg.png   Army Good Conduct Medal
Campaign medals
Army of Occupation of Germany ribbon Maximus Victory 55x.png   Operation Maximus Medal
Yangtze Small.png   ArmA 3 Campaign
Yangtze Small.png   ARK: Survival Evolved Campaign
55px-AnArcRib.svg.png   Minecraft Campaign
55px-AFEMRib.svg.png   Final Fantasy XIV Campaign
55px-Vietnam Service Ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 1 Campaign
Southwest Asia Service ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 4 Campaign
55px-European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 3 Campaign
55px-Afghanistan Campaign ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield Bad Company 2 Campaign
55px-Iraq Campaign ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 2 Campaign
55px-Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary ribbon.svg.png   Rust Campaign
55px-Global War on Terrorism Service ribbon.svg.png   Red Orchestra 2 Campaign
Training awards
55pxCombat Readiness Medal ribbon.png   Combat Readiness Ribbon
55x-Server Building Ribbon.png   Server Building Medal
55x-Competetion Medal.png   Competetion Medal
55x-Recruiting Service Ribbon.png   Recruiting Service Medal
Professional Development Ribbons
55px-NCO Professional Development Ribbon.svg.png   NCO Professional Development Ribbon
55px Battlefield Admin Ribbon.png   Battlefield Admin Ribbon
55px-Army Service Ribbon.svg.png   Army Service Ribbon
55px-Coast Guard Honor Graduate Ribbon.svg.png   Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon