Medals and Decorations

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Awards and decorations of Right to Rebel are military decorations which recognize service and personal accomplishments while a member of Right to Rebel. Together with Military badges of Right to Rebel, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Right to Rebel medals and ribbons

Ribbon/Award Name
Personal decorations
55px-Medal of Honor ribbon.svg.png   Unnamed Medal
Distinguished Service medals
55px-Starborn Ribbon.png   Starborn Medal
55px-Death Tango Ribbon.png   Death Tango Cross
Medals for heroism
55px-Bronze Star ribbon.svg.png   Bronze Star
55px-Air Medal ribbon.svg.png   Air Medal
55px-Aerial Achievement Medal ribbon.svg.png   Aerial Achievement Medal
Commendation medals
55px-Marine Corps Brevet Medal ribbon.svg.png   Brevet Medal
55px-Joint Service Commendation ribbon.svg.png   Joint Service Commendation Medal
55px-Army Commendation Medal ribbon.svg.png   Army Commendation Medal
Achievement medals
55px-Us jointservachiev rib.svg.png   Joint Services Achievement Medal
55px-Army Achievement Medal ribbon.svg.png   Army Achievement Medal
Unit Award
55px-Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.svg.png   Right to Rage Unit
55px-Joint Meritorious Unit Award ribbon.svg.png   Joint Meritorious Unit Award
55px-Valorous Unit Award ribbon.svg.png   Valorous Unit Award
Meritorious Unit Commendation
55px-Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon.svg.png   Meritorious Unit Commendation
55px-Army Superior Unit Award ribbon.svg.png   Superior Unit Award
Combat Service Awards
55 Combat Engineer Service Award.png   Combat Engineer Service Ribbon
55px Infantry Service Ribbon.png   Infantry Service Ribbon
55px Recon Service Ribbon.png   Recon Service Ribbon
55px Support Service Ribbon.png   Support Service Ribbon
55px-Army Overseas Service Ribbon.svg.png   Overseas Service Ribbon
Service Awards
55 longevity service award.jpg   Longevity Service Award
55 longevity service award.jpg   Mastercraft MILPACS Award
55 longevity service award.jpg   Elite MILPACS Award
55 longevity service award.jpg   Veteran MILPACS Award
55 longevity service award.jpg   Superior MILPACS Award
Good Conduct medals
55px-Army Good Conduct ribbon.svg.png   Army Good Conduct Medal
Campaign medals
Army of Occupation of Germany ribbon Maximus Victory 55x.png   Operation Maximus Medal
Yangtze Small.png   ArmA 3 Campaign
Yangtze Small.png   ARK: Survival Evolved Campaign
55px-AnArcRib.svg.png   Minecraft Campaign
55px-AFEMRib.svg.png   Final Fantasy XIV Campaign
55px-Vietnam Service Ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 1 Campaign
Southwest Asia Service ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 4 Campaign
55px-European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 3 Campaign
55px-Afghanistan Campaign ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield Bad Company 2 Campaign
55px-Iraq Campaign ribbon.svg.png   Battlefield 2 Campaign
55px-Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary ribbon.svg.png   Rust Campaign
55px-Global War on Terrorism Service ribbon.svg.png   Red Orchestra 2 Campaign
Phantom Assignments
55x-Operative.png   Phantom Operative
55x-Initiate.png   Phantom Initiate
55x-Trainee.png   Phantom Trainee
55x-Prospect.png   Phantom Prospect
Training awards
55pxCombat Readiness Medal ribbon.png   Combat Readiness Ribbon
55x-Server Building Ribbon.png   Server Building Medal
55x-Competetion Medal.png   Competetion Medal
55x-Recruiting Service Ribbon.png   Recruiting Service Medal
Professional Development Ribbon
55px-NCO Professional Development Ribbon.svg.png   NCO Professional Development Ribbon
55px Battlefield Admin Ribbon.png   Battlefield Admin Ribbon
55px-Army Service Ribbon.svg.png   Army Service Ribbon
55px-Coast Guard Honor Graduate Ribbon.svg.png   Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon
55px-Outstanding Volunteer Service ribbon.svg.png   Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal