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Per the Rules & Regulations all members are to adhere to the following rule-set about Dual-Clanning and inform their superior officer if they feel they are in violation to prevent disciplinary action.

Dual-Clanning Rule-Set

What constitutes dual clanning?

  • Active member of another community.
  • Contributes time/money/resources to another gaming community as opposed to =rTr=.

What is a "community?

  • Any size group of gamers (even loosely organized), with their own VOIP, Forums, Game Servers, or Chat Groups.

What about Steam Groups?

  • Being a member of a steam group does not constitute dual clanning. We do NOT have a "=rTr= Steam Group Only" policy.

What if =rTr= does not host the game I want to play?

  • Playing with other communities in non-rTr hosted games is allowed. However, should =rTr= ever move into that game-space, you will be expected to fully support the community.

Who makes the determination as to whether or not someone is dual clanning?

  • For recruits - S2 will make the determination as they conduct their investigations into potential new members.
  • For current members - CID will make the determination as incidents of potential dual clanning are discovered or brought to their attention.
    • Once the determination has been made by CID, findings will be reported to The Dirty Bastards, who will handle the personnel aspect.