Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon

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The Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon is an award for Right To Rebel members. Upon receiving the rank of Recruit (E-1), the member becomes eligible to take the BTHG test, a test given to Basic Trainees to measure their interest in the history and other basic Right to Rebel information. This is an optional exam, and requires a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to become eligible.

Creation and History

The Right to Rebel Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon, is a military decoration of the Right to Rebel Division; it was created on December 16th, 2016 as a result of Executive Order Number 26.


Successfully complete the Basic Training Honor Graduate Test with a Go/No-Go passing grade of 70%. The test may be taken only one time. The test can be found HERE.

How To Obtain

Contact your platoon leader requesting recognition for this award. The Commander will deem your request valid or invalid. An evaluation board will approve or deny your award. It will be entered into the MILPACS system.


The Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon is presented as a one-time award only since it is not possible to earn it more than once.


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