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The General Orders are a list of published directives, originated by the commander, and binding upon all personnel of the Right to Rebel, the purpose of which is to enforce a policy or procedure unique to his unit's situation which is not otherwise addressed in applicable service regulations, military law, or public law. A general order has the force of law; it is an offense punishable by court martial or lesser military court to disobey one. What makes it a general order (as opposed to a direct order), is that the actor is not explicitly named, nor precisely that (or whom) which is to be acted upon.

A general order of indefinite duration may be referred to as a standing order. Standing orders are necessarily general and vague since the exact circumstances for execution occur in the future under unknown conditions. For example, in most military agencies there is a standing order for enlisted men to salute officers. The officers are required by the same law to return the salute to the enlisted person; however, the name of each enlisted man is not explicitly named in the order, nor is the name of each officer, nor is the exact time which the salute should occur.

Subject: Tags in Game

All members of Right to Rebel, while playing on Right to Rebel servers must "wear" the appropriate Community tag. The following Tags are approved for use: rTr , =rTr= and <RTR>.

Returning Right to Rebel Members

All returning members of Right to Rebel/Right to Rage enlisted before 07/21/10 will be afforded a "brevetted" rank equivalent to the rank held at the time of separation or dissolution from the unit. This field commission is limited to 30 days, and must meet the following requirements to become permanent;

Enlisted (E-1 to E-5):


NCO's (E-6 to E-9):

  • Sr.Officers Approval

Jr.Officers (O-1 to O-3)

  • Division Leaders Approval or
  • Divisions Commanding General Approval

Sr.Officers (O-4 to O-6)

  • [JCS] Approval ( Standard SOP for SR.Officers)
  • Community Leaders Approval

Sr.Officers (O-7 to O-11)

  • [JCS] Approval ( Standard SOP for SR.Officers)
  • Community Leaders Approval

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