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A discharge is given when a member of Right to Rebel is released from their obligation to serve. Discharge or separation should not be confused with retirement; Right to Rebel members who retire are not discharged; rather, they enter the retired reserve and may return to active duty.

Reasons for discharge

  • Unsuitability.
  • Misconduct as defined in the UCMJ.
  • Resignation (available to officers only).
  • Punitive Discharges - issued by either Special Court Martial or General Court Martial.
  • Dishonorable Discharge issued by by either Special Court Martial, General Court Martial, or discretion of the Command staff.

Types of discharge


Retirement status is reserved for members that meet the following criteria:

  • Eligible for an Honorable Discharge
    • Enlisted - E-7 or higher
    • Officer - 0-4 or higher


To receive an honorable discharge, a Right to Rebel member must have a clean record and have a minimum rank of Corporal. An honorable discharge can, on rare occasions, be granted to a former Right to Rebel member (whose service was characterized as less than honorable) as an act of clemency, should that person display exemplary post-service conduct and show evidence of outstanding post-service achievement. The member is deemed to be leaving in good terms and may elect to reenlist in the future.


General Discharge is granted to members who either request to be discharged but fail to meet the criteria for an honorable discharge, or given an involuntary discharge by the command staff for any number of reasons (usually for failure to meet standards). The member is deemed to be leaving in good terms and may or may not be eligible for reenlistment. All discharges are assumed to fall into this category unless stated otherwise.


A dishonorable Discharge results when a member's conduct is egregious and in violation of Right to Rebel's Uniform Code of Military Justice, Code of Conduct, Right to Rebel's Rules, or one of the General Orders and is deemed reprehensible. Dishonourable Discharges ar given to a member under one of the following circumstances and are usually occompanied by a full ban from all of =rTr=:

Re-enlistment Eligibility

Depending on the type of discharge eligibility for re-enlistment can vary.

Discharge Type Eligibility for Re-enlistment
Retirement Eligible
Honorable Eligible
General Eligible
Dishonorable Ineligible