Admining Rules and Procedures

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General Admining Rules

1. Your admin rights are a privilege granted to those who support the community. As such, this privilege will be removed if abused. Heavy-handed, inconsistent, or irresponsible admining practices are forbidden; take care of and resolve problems as fairly, consistently, and quickly as possible and move on.

2. Warnings, Kicks, and Bans MUST use and include an approved reason for the action; No admin is allowed to "make up" or use unapproved reasons. Currently approved reasons are found below and a "cheat sheet" may be downloaded from the “Game Admin Discussions” section of the forums.

3. At no time should an Admin/Member cause/engage in arguments, trading of insults, or any other behavior that the community deems unprofessional or dishonorable.

4. Never accuse a player of cheating or hacking in game, EVER. Bans issued must only use Rule 8 for the reason ("S2- Appeal"). No other reason is allowable, EVER.

5. Admins are not allowed to "make up" or "stretch" server rules, nor enforce any such non-existent rules. If there is any doubt as to what is or is not a "rule", or you have concerns regarding the definition or meaning of a "rule", you are advised to seek out a superior officer for clarification.

6. Banning is not to be done lightly, it should be reserved for the worst offenders only. Refer Bans to a member of S-2 or a Senior Officer when possible. Once a Ban has been issued, an Incident Report MUST be filed immediately.

7. Your responsibilities as an ADMIN are to uphold and enforce the community's rules and ensure good gameplay on our servers.

8. Do not use your Admin Privileges to "Stack" teams. =rTr= members should be spread out as evenly as possible on opposing teams.

9. As an ADMIN you MUST set the standard for other players whether in game, in Discord, or on the forums; you have the good name of OUR community in your hands.

10. Use the chain of command as much as possible when you have questions or concerns regarding servers, players, or other members.

11. Bans and un-ban requests are NEVER discussed or handled in Discord; players must appeal their ban at If a player continues to discuss a ban and or an un-ban request after being told of a remedy and our policies, ban them from Discord and file an incident report immediately.

12. Admins MUST be in a voice channel on Discord while using admin privileges. If you are unable to join a voice channel for whatever reason, please refrain from using admin abilities.

13. Warnings issued in-game by admins MUST use the appropriate command "/yy Playername Rule#"". Warnings given over chat, while considered a courtesy, DO NOT count as an official warning. Punishes must only be given AFTER a warning has been issued and the offending party has ONCE AGAIN broken the rule.

BF Server Rules

1. Violation of our rules may result in a kill, kick, or ban without warning or explanation.

2. Disrespect or trolling of our Admins or =rTr= in any manner is absolutely not allowed.

3. Trash talk and insults related to gameplay are allowed within reason; However, DO NOT be overly insulting or disrespectful to other players.

4. Absolutely no hate talk; this includes but is not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, politics, etc. Please refrain from talking or commenting on these subjects as well.

5. Offensive clan tags, player names, and/or emblems will not be allowed.

6. Actions or gameplay disruptive to the harmony of the server will not be tolerated.

7. Intentional team killing/wounding will not be tolerated. Please apologize for accidental teamkills.

8. No hacks or cheats of any kind are allowed. If ANYONE is caught hacking or cheating they will be banned immediately.

9. No recruiting for other clans, servers, or voip programs (discord, teamspeak, mumble, ventrilo, etc…) is allowed in =rTr= servers.

10. =rTr= is an American server. Please use English only in chat.

11. Attacking the enemy main uncap-able spawn area is NOT allowed! The ONLY exception is if the enemy team has no objectives captured and are forced to spawn in the uncap. Operation Locker and Metro are EXEMPT

12. You may NOT shoot out of the protected main uncap-able spawn area! The ONLY exception is if the enemy has captured all objectives and you are forced to spawn in the uncap. Operation Locker and Metro are EXEMPT

13. This is not a democracy. =rTr= Admins have the last word; if you don't like it then go pay for and manage your own server however you like. Otherwise enjoy your stay and have fun!

14. Excessive “Hacksuations” are not allowed. If you suspect another player of cheating, please use the “!report” command to notify an admin.


1. Procon users MUST be in a voice channel on Discord while using admin privileges. This helps prevent any miscommunication and obscure observations of actual gameplay and players. If you are unable to join a voice channel for whatever reason, please refrain from using admin abilities.

2. Procon users will not use its message function to chat with players about non-admin related issues.

3. If a suspected cheater is found using the Procon feature combined with the Cheat-O-Meter and players observations, file an Incident Report including a link to the Cheat-O-Meter. S-2 will review the report and take the necessary actions.

4. Bans are reserved for the worst rule offenders after all other options have been exhausted. This includes repeat offenders, game disruptors, and players who continue unsportsmanlike behavior despite multiple warnings; reason and duration of the ban is at admin discretion. An incident report must be filed immediately after issuing the ban.

6. Ban reports will be reviewed and investigated by S-2 administration for final approval.

7. Remember, players on the server are also watching and expecting good clean gameplay and as an Admin it is your responsibility to provide them with a great =rTr= game server experience.

8. Procon rules will be enforced by the Division Administration Office. Failure to follow protocol WILL result in removal of admin privileges.

NO CHANGES and /or ADDITIONS maybe made to these Rules and Procedures without the approval of the Division Administration Office. ALL changes MUST be posted by the ISSUING AUTHORITY (S-1) ONLY.