Staff Removal SOP

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Division & Company Staff Removal SOP

Standard Operating Procedure established on February 4th 2018. Written by Division Executive Officer Solidflip & Approved by Division Leader Antivanity.


To establish the standard operating procedure (SOP) for removing staff members who fail to meet the base requirements of their currently held positions.


This SOP applies to high ranking staff members in both Company leadership positions and Division leadership positions. Should a Company Commander require use of the SOP for any lower ranked staff member they must first receive approval from the JCS directly.


1. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are responsible for:
(i) Submitting a PAF for removal from position if no action is taken by the staff member to attempt improvement only after Division Leadership has spoken with the member in question under JCS direction
2. The Division Leader and Division XO are responsible for:
(i) Advising staff members who are failing to meet expectations of such and provide a road-map towards improvement
(ii) Inform the JCS of any leadership positions for which this SOP may apply.


1. Once a staff member has been identified by Divison Leadership or JCS as failing to meet the requirements of a position this phase begins. The Division Leader/XO, under direction from the JCS, must first attempt to correct the situation by providing the tools necessary for success to the member as well as a clear explanation of what is needed of them. The Div Lead/XO must then report these actions and the response/actions of the staff member post meeting to the JCS.
2.If a staff member continues to fail to meet the requirements of the position, or in fact does the bare minimum, then the JCS will get involved. Should the JCS wish, they may re-counsel the staff member in an attempt to place them on the right track. This may involve administrative action up to and including a VCS; However, should the JCS believe that enough attempts have been made to correct the behavior they may file a PAF for the removal of said staff member from their position. A staff member who has been removed by JCS order will be disqualified from holding another staff position for a period of 2 weeks; However, this will not permanently disqualify a member from becoming staff again should they correct the behavior that resulted in the removal. Entry and removal of any staff member MUST be signed off by the JCS before any action is taken.

SOP Guidance

1. Approval to ustilize this SOP for any non-leadership position must be requested via PAF.
2. Division Leader may grant exception to policy at any time.
3. The Community Leaders word is final in all matters