Second Lieutenant

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In Right to Rebel, Second Lieutenant (2LT) is a rank (Administratively known as Private O-1 (2LT)). As the Private is the junior trooper and the Corporal is the junior NCO, the Second Lieutenant is a junior Commissioned Officer, learning what it means to no longer wear stripes. Second Lieutenants are freshly minted Platoon Leaders, and do well to take heed the advise of their Platoon Sergeants. They also have a seat at the table of command staff, but also do well to listen more than speak.


  • No Negative Counseling Statements during the last thirty (30) days.
  • No Article 15 in the last sixty (60) days.
  • Approval of the Commanding General of the Regiment.
  • Receive and Pass a Field Commission Board.

Minimum TIG

  • N/A

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