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S3 – Operations and Training is responsible for planning and training operation of the Right to Rebel


S3 numerous duties includes planning and training, is the operations office tasked with coordination of the various training operations, and all things necessary to enable the formation to operate and accomplish its mission. All aspects of sustaining the unit's operations, and additionally planning and executing all the unit training, fall under the responsibility of operations. The operations office is also tasked with keeping track of the weekly training schedules. Right to Rebel Company Commanders and subordinates are members of this section.

In the absence of a Division Leader or Division Executive Officer Command of S3 will fall to Joint Command between S1 and S4. S1 as Primary contact and issuing authority (HQ) and S4 in it's present capacities as Personal.

Right to Rebel Special Forces unit "The Dirty Bastards" are members of this section on a Division Level. See also: Dirty Bastards.


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