Pathfinder Teamspeak Integration

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Pathfinder Teamspeak Integration

Standard Operating Procedure established on 28 December 2016. Approved by Division Leader Antivanity, approved by Company Commander SolidFlip, written by Company First Sergeant Souperhero. Flowchart created by Platoon Leader Effectontarget.


To establish the standard operating procedure (SOP) for moving games in and out of Pathfinder Platoon and Charlie Company. E.g. Creating and removing channels that are needed or are unused.


This SOP applies to Charlie Company, Pathfinder Platoon.


1. The Commander and 1SG are responsible for:
(i) Providing guidance to the Pathfinder Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant
(ii) Submitting PAFs for official channel creation and removal within the Charlie Company and Pathfinder sections of TeamSpeak.
2. Pathfinder Platoon leadership is responsible for:
(i) Ensuring the games within Pathfinder are meeting the criteria set forth in Annex – A.
(ii) Reporting known number of players for any given Pathfinder game, including any information available on Create Your Own Channel games.
(iii) Reporting games that fail to meet the standard set forth in Annex - A.
3. Pathfinder Squad Leaders are responsible for:
(i) Reporting available information and any needs their respective games require to the Pathfinder Platoon leadership on a regular basis.


1. Discovery Phase:

This is when a game that is new or currently doesn’t have its own space within rTr TeamSpeak has a group of people consistently playing it in the Create Your Own Channel (CYOC) area. Forum posts are also critical to this phase because they show community interest beyond personal interest. Forum posts for games within this phase should be posted in the general gaming sub forums, as they don’t not apply to any current platoon or rTr hosted games. Having forum discussion generates interest within the community and helps develop a player base. People who would like to see a game more popularized will use the CYOC area to have notice taken of them. They will continue to garner support of any friends, public and rTr, during the number building duration IOT meet the exit criteria. Meeting the exit criteria is when this phase ends.

   Exit Criteria: CYOC – Active for 2 Weeks with more than 4+ players on at the same time, at minimum of 3 times a week.
2. Probationary Phase:

This phase begins when a permanent channel is created under Pathfinder Platoon. During this phase, a Squad leader will be established through the HELP WANTED section of the forums. Generally, it is a ranking player that is an active member in that game, who may or may not have admin experience. They will serve as a point of contact POC for this game. The squad leader will be responsible for external recruiting and advertising. Charlie Company has moved away from exclusive whitelisting, as to not limit ourselves. Number building will continue to increase during this portion of the probationary phase until it meets the exit criteria. Consistency is key during this phase, where the community needs to be consistent and not change extremely where one week channels are full, and the next week channels are empty. The probationary phase ends when the exit criteria has been met.

   Exit Criteria: Dedicated Pathfinder Channel – Active for 2 months, with a minimum of 8-10 active players, meeting to play together at minimum of 4+ times a week.
3. Integration Phase:

This phase begins with the permanent creation of a Charlie Company/Bravo Company Platoon. A PL and PSG will be established. Generally they will be the highest ranking members, or most active in the building of the server/game. Generally the member who served as Squad Leader will be promoted to PSG NCO (E-6), and will eventually become the PL, as the game continues to succeed. Integration phase will be a sustaining/growth phase, as in the player base should remain consistent and grow or shrink based on community interest. Exit criteria will occur only when the game has completely lost interest and backing of the Right To Rebel Community.

   Exit Criteria: Remove Company Platoon – After 3 Months of 0 community interest, or deemed too resource costly to upkeep where resources can be better allocated.

Commander's/First Sergeants Guidance

1. The chain of command will be followed and strictly used. Eg. A Squad leader will not report directly to the Commander/1SG or higher headquarters company (HHC) unless they are asked to by the Commander/1SG. The PL and PSG will not report directly to the Division Commander/SGM unless specifically asked to by the Division Commander/SGM.
2. Pathfinder platoon will be self-sufficient and use resources already available to Charlie Company. No extra equipment will be newly paid for to specifically support a PF game by rTr.
3. Division Leader may grant exception to policy at any time.
4. The Community Leaders word is final.


Annex A - Pathfinder Flow Chart

Pathfinder Flow Chart.png