Medals and Decorations

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Awards and decorations of Right to Rebel are military decorations which recognize service and personal accomplishments while a member of Right to Rebel. Together with Military badges of Right to Rebel, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Right to Rebel medals and ribbons

Ribbon/Award Name
Personal decorations
Mohdevice.png    Medal of Honor Awarded for "Gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty"
Distinguished Service medals
Legionofmeritdevice.png    Department of Defense Service Medal
Disservmeddevice.png    Army Distinguished Service Medal
Silverstardevice1.png    Silver Star
Defensesuperiorservice.png   Defense Superior Service Medal
Lomdevice.png   Legion of Merit
Flyingcross.png   Distinguished Flying Cross
Medals for heroism
Soldiermedaldevice.png   Soldier's Medal
Bronzestarwvdevice.png    Bronze Star With Valor
Bronzestardevice.png   Bronze Star Medal
Purpleheartdevice.png   Purple Heart
Dodmeriteriousservicedevice.png   Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritoriouservicedevice.png   Meritorious Service Medal
106px-Air Medal ribbon.svg.png    Air Medal
106px-Aerial Achievement Medal ribbon.svg.png    Aerial Achievement Medal
Commendation medals
106px-Marine Corps Brevet Medal ribbon.svg.png    Brevet Medal
Joinservicemedal.png   Joint Service Commendation Medal
Arcomdevice.png   Army Commendation Medal
Achievement medals
Armyachievement.png    Army Achievement Medal
Rangersdevice1.png    Special Forces Ribbon
Sniperribbon.png    Sniper Ribbon
Cqb ribbon.png   Basic Assault Course Ribbon
Unit Award
Presidentialunitciation.png   Presidential Unit Citation
Jointmerunit.png   Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Blackopsciation.png    Black Ops Unit Citation

Valourousunit.png   Army Valorous Unit Award

Meritorious Unit Commendation
Meritorusunitcitation.png   Meritorious Unit Commendation
Supunitpn.png   Superior Unit Award
Service awards
30thservice.png    30th Infantry Division Prior Service Award
Powdevice.png    Prisoner of War Medal
Americandefensedevice1.png    American Defense Service Medal
Good Conduct medals
Goodconductdevice.png   Army Good Conduct Medal
Ribbon/Award Name
Campaign medals
106px-Army of Occupation of Germany ribbon.svg.png   Operation Maximus Medal
Euroafricandevice.png    European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
Iragservice.png   Iraq Campaign Medal
ArmedForcesService.png   Armed Forces Service Medal
Outvol.png   Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
Victory & Various Medals
Wwiidevice.png    World War II Victory Medal
Womensarmycorp.png    Women's Army Corps Service Medal
Service and training awards
Donationribbon 002.png   Donation Ribbon
Overseasdevice.png   Overseas Service Ribbon
Recruitingdevice.png   Recruiting Service Ribbon
Professional Development Ribbon
Ncodevice.png   NCO Professional Development Ribbon
Serviceawarddevice.png   Army Service Ribbon
Honorgraduate.png   Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon
Marksman Awards
Marksmanresize.png    Marksman Award
Wings & Aviation
Jumpwings.png    Jump Wings
Halo.png    Halo Jump Wings
Masterjumpwings.png    Jump Master Wings
HALOMaster.png    Halo Jump Master Wings
Aviator.png    Aviator or Aviation crew
Flightsurgeon.png    Flight Surgeon
Expert and Combat Infantry Badges
Cibresize.png    Combat Infantry Badge
Specialforcesribbon1.png    Special Forces Tab
Sapper.png    Sapper Tab
Rangersribbon1.png    Ranger Tab
MASTERSNIPER.png    Master Sniper Patch
Sf patch.png    Special Forces Patch
Bestranger.jpg    Best Ranger Patch