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The General Orders are a list of published directives, originated by the commander, and binding upon all personnel of the Right to Rebel, the purpose of which is to enforce a policy or procedure unique to his unit's situation which is not otherwise addressed in applicable service regulations, military law, or public law. A general order has the force of law; it is an offense punishable by court martial or lesser military court to disobey one. What makes it a general order (as opposed to a direct order), is that the actor is not explicitly named, nor precisely that (or whom) which is to be acted upon.

A general order of indefinite duration may be referred to as a standing order. Standing orders are necessarily general and vague since the exact circumstances for execution occur in the future under unknown conditions. For example, in most military agencies there is a standing order for enlisted men to salute officers. The officers are required by the same law to return the salute to the enlisted person; however, the name of each enlisted man is not explicitly named in the order, nor is the name of each officer, nor is the exact time which the salute should occur.

General Order One

Subject: Member Abuse and Sexual Harassment

  • 1.No Right to Rebel Member will make any public or private derogatory,insulting or otherwise disrespectful comment about a fellow clan member in Voice Chat Client (i.e. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.) on the game servers or on any forums.
  • 2.No racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
  • 3. At anytime a conversation becomes "salacious, harassing, predatory or otherwise distasteful", that member or members will be subject to disciplinary action up to imitate dismissal. Sexual misconduct and sexual harassment will not be tolerated ever.

Not following these rules may result in instant removal from all duties, your accounts suspended and your access to the servers temporally banned until such time that a court martial hearing can be held.

General Order Two

  • No Locked squads while on Right to Rebel servers.

General Order Three

Subject: Roll Calls

  • 1. If a trooper fails to report in once they shall receive a warning
  • 2. If they go two roll calls in a row without reporting they then get an inter-platoon disciplinary report filed.
  • 3. If they go three roll calls without reporting they will be discharged from Right to Rebel.

General Order Four

General Order Five

General Order Six

General Order Seven

General Order Eight

Subject: Voice Chat Client SOP


  • 1. All members must be on their Voice Chat Client (i.e. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.) if playing in Right to Rebel Servers. This is in order to communicate during battle.
  • 2.We strongly encourage the use of 'push to talk' mode as a way to activate your microphone. Using 'voice activation' mode is allowed when using a headset or headphones, but make sure to set up sensitivity in such way that your microphone isn't triggered by your breathing or your neighbors chainsaw.
  • 3.Using 'voice activation' mode while using speakers is highly discouraged, since it often causes your microphone to be activated by in-game sounds, and can cause irritating echo effects.


If you are away from your PC for more than 30 minutes, log off of Your Voice Chat Client (i.e. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.) MP's will be enforcing this rule as that no one is simply taking up space on the Voice Chat Client channels. The only people this does not apply to is the General Staff.


  • 1.Cursing during combat may be tolerated to a point, However rude comments and abusive language are not going to be tolerated. Please watch your language and watch your comments.
  • 2.English is the preferred language on the teamspeak server. Using other languages is allowed when talking in private or when all people in the channel understand that language. Using another language to exclude other people in the channel, or to dodge teamspeak rules is not allowed.
  • 3.No racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
  • 4.Sexually explicit conversations need to be kept to a minimum, this is a adult gaming Community, not the place for that kind of thing. At anytime a conversation becomes "salacious, harassing, predatory or otherwise distasteful", that member or members will be subject to disciplinary action up to imitate dismissal.

Not following these rules may result in instant removal from all duties, your accounts suspended and your access to the servers temporally banned until such time that a court martial hearing can be held.

General Order Nine

General Order Ten

General Order Eleven

General Order Twelve

Subject: Meeting Attendance

Meetings that are mandatory or emergency must either be attended or a post must be made as to why you cannot attend under the pending meeting notice. If you miss the meeting under emergency circumstances that you planned on attending a post must be made ASAP after the meeting regarding the reason why you missed the meeting. Any violation may result in an Article 15.

General Order Thirteen

General Order Fourteen

General Order Fifteen

General Order Sixteen

General Order Seventeen

No TeamSpeak channels may be created without the approval of the OIC of S6.

General Order Eighteen

Subject: Tags in Game

All members of Right to Rebel, while playing on Right to Rebel servers must "wear" the appropriate Community tag. The following Tags are approved for use: rTr , =rTr= and <RTR>.

General Order Nineteen

General Order Twenty

General Order Twenty-One

Subject: Politics and Religion

"Bar Room Rules apply" There is no place for politics and religion on the forums. If you wish to discuss these subjects in Voice Chat Client (i.e. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.), make sure you are doing it in your specific office. I.E. Section leader, platoon leader etc. If you are a trooper get permission from an office holder to have this discussion. Do not hold it in open Voice Chat Client channels, and refrain from posting political or religion based topics on the forums.

General Order Twenty-Two

General Order Twenty-Four

Subject: New AWOL Criteria

AWOL is defined as a soldier who has not posted roll-call within 31 days. At which point 3 days are granted to make contact before a discharge is processed. All squad leaders are to be ensuring that their roll-calls are correct and have the correct people accounted for if they were excused.

With the implementation of the AWOL Soldier Finder this process has been streamlined for ease on battalion level organization elements. Potentially AWOL Soldier Finder also known as PASF is now a key element in helping assist determining AWOL. As such, should be used as a tool to assist all officers in keeping track of soldiers and their AWOL status, it is not the end all be all, but should be used as a starting point for investigations. It will NOT do your job for you, but it will make it easier for you.

General Order Twenty-Five

General Order Twenty-Six

General Order Twenty-Seven

Subject: Recruiting from within the Right to Rebel Division

There is to be no recruiting by members of Right to Rebel for their individual companies or Battalions. If it is found out that you are asking members to join your battalion or company it will be a court-martial offense. Members have the right to request transfer to other areas, however not at the urging of officers, nco's or troopers.

General Order Twenty-Eight

Subject: Private Servers using Right to Rebel Tags

No private Server will be run by any members of this unit with Right to Rebel Tags. I encourage you not to even run your own private server, but I cannot stop you. How ever Right to Rebel will not be listed in the server title, and you should not be wearing your tags while in the server.

If you need to test a mod, or develop a map there are servers at your disposal...if you are holding a practice, there are servers at your disposal, if your wanting to just play some random map, instead of playing in our servers to recruit, then I suggest you take your tags off as it will not be sanctioned. In addition, by playing in your own private servers, your deterring the recruiting effort, hence hurting the unit as a whole. So it's your choice.

General Order Twenty-Nine


General Order Thirty

General Order Thirty-One

General Order Thirty Two

General Order Thirty Five

Subject: Glitching

It will be a punishable offense under the UCMJ via Article 15 or Court martial if a known glitch is utilized and the person utilizing it is blatantly violating this rule. If the person is an enlistee to PFC and it appears that the usage of the Glitch is accidental then a verbal counseling is warranted however, if the person is of the rank of SPC. or above and is utilizing a Glitch then a verbal counseling is NOT warranted and charges may be brought if so desired by the JAG department.

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