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Server Name: =rTr= #1 ~ HARDCORE - CONQUEST
Max Players: 64
Preset: Hardcore
Type: Ranked
Tickrate: 30Hz
Tickets: 1200

Server Rules

R01. Violation of our rules may result in a kill, kick or ban without warning or explanation.

R02. Disrespect or trolling our Admins or =rTr= in any manner will result in an immediate ban from our servers.

R03. Trash talk and insults related to gameplay are allowed within reason; However, DO NOT be overly insulting or disrespectful to other players.

R04. Absolutely no hate talk; this includes but is not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, politics, etc. Please refrain from talking or commenting on these subjects as well.

R05. Offensive clan tags or player names will not be allowed.

R06. Actions or gameplay disruptive to the harmony of the server will not be tolerated.

R07. Intentional team killing/wounding will not be tolerated. Please apologize for accidental teamkills.

R08. No hacks or cheats of any kind are allowed. If ANYONE is caught hacking or cheating, they will be banned by PunkBuster GUID

R09. You may be kicked from this server if you appear to be AFK, or we need room for members. Browse to www.righttorebel.net to join up!

R10. Promote teamwork and play the objectives, or find a different server to play on, please!

R11. No recruiting for other clans, servers or voip programs (teamspeak, mumble, ventrilo, etc…) is allowed in =rTr= servers.

R12. This is an American server. Please use English only in chat.

R13. Players whose ping is considered excessive may be kicked from the server.

R14. Attacking the enemy's main uncap-able spawn is allowed if gameplay dictates a need, HOWEVER…DO NOT CONTINUOUSLY OR UNNECESSARILY ATTACK THAT AREA. (NOT TO BE USED IN THE "SOFTCORE" SERVERS)

R15. You may shoot out of protected main uncap-able spawn area if gameplay dictates a need, HOWEVER…DO NOT CONTINUOUSLY OR UNNECESSARILY "CAMP" IN THAT AREA. (NOT TO BE USED IN THE "SOFTCORE" SERVERS)

R16. This is not a democracy. =rTr= Admins have the last word; if you don't like it, then go pay for and manage your own server however you like. Otherwise, enjoy your stay and have fun!

R18. Hackusations are not allowed in our servers. Use the !REPORT command to notify our admins.

Available In-Game Commmands

  • !help
    • Typing !help in the chat window will give you a list of commands that you have access to in the server.
  • !report
    • Using the !report command will give you the ability to report a player that is causing issues in the server.
  • @assist
    • Feel that the other team needs some help? Use @assist to join the other team and help them win the battle.


[SOP: How to Appeal Ban]

Server Change Log

Server Change [01/01/2016]

  • Change description

Server Change [01/01/2016]

  • Change description