Team Speak 3

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TeamSpeak 3 is proprietary Voice over IP software that the Right to Rebel is using for it's communications.

Server information

  • IP:


TeamSpeak Rules

Away from keyboard

(See General order eight)

Special Channels

(See General order Seventeen)

Away Room

Members who are away from their PC for less than 30 minutes should place themselves in the "Away Room".

See Also

General Orders


Restart Information and Procedure

If Teamspeak is not working or the main server has been restarted you must run the restart scrip.

SSH to the Server using putty.

  • IP
  • PORT 22
  • Enter password ( obtain password from S6 OIC or Community Leader)

Once you have logged in enter the following:

/root/teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64/ start

Hit enter, the server will give you a warning about running scrip from root while the TS3 server is restarting.

This script can also be used to "restart","stop" or check the "status" the server.{start|stop|restart|status}

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