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In the Right to Rebel, Sergeant Major (SGM) is a rank (Administratively known as Sergeant Major E-9 (SGM)). The Sergeant Major is the principal Senior NCO of the Division. With a background of excellence in all areas of leadership including Company First Sergeant, the Sergeant Major represents the height of accomplishment in the NCO Corps. The Sergeant Major can move mountains, part the skies and place his boot where he wishes.


  • No Negative Counseling Statements during the last ninety (90) days.
  • No Article 15 in the last sixty (60) days.
  • Assigned to a Company First Sergeant Billet or assigned as NCOIC of a department.
  • Special appointment by the Commanding General of the Division
  • Completion of SGM Academy.
  • Unanimous vote of all ACTIVE DUTY Sergeant Major's

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