Executive Order Number 26

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Executive Order

Section 1. Policy

It is the policy of Right To Rebel to provide dedicated members credit and awards for their achievements. It is to our members we credit the success of our community, therefore; Right To Rebel will credit deserving members with medals and awards as recognition for their commitment and merits.

Under the following criteria, awards and medals can be achieved;

(a) By successful completion of a given task constituting recognition
(b) Completion of a specified time of service in a position, dictated by the award
(c) By participation in current and past campaigns; For participation in past units and specific operations
(d) As the result of any other criteria mentioned on the individual award's page

Section 2. Establishment of the Department of Heraldry

The Director of the Department of Heraldry shall establish the Department of Heraldry in order to create new, edit existing, and approve or deny awards. The Director shall be appointed by and report directly to the Community Leader. The Director will appoint no more and no less than 2 Coordinators. The Director shall make available to the Coordinators required resources as may be appropriate to enable them to carry out their mission.

The reviewing party is a subsection in the Department of Heraldry.

The reviewing party shall consist of no more and no less than the following:

Division Command Sergeant Major - Army126
Division Sergeant Major - RunnyMoney
Director of Department of Heraldry - xLocust

In the absence of the Director of Department of Heraldry, another member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may be consulted.

The approving party will approve or deny the award as promptly and efficiently as possible. If not enough information is submitted or the form submitting officer can not be contacted, the award application may be placed on hold or rejected.

Section 3. Mission and Functions

1. An Award Form must be submitted by the OIC of the corresponding department requesting the member be evaluated and recognized for their actions. Platoon Leaders will submit an Award Form nominating a member that should be recognized for an award. The Company Commander must approve the application before it continues further. It is the prerogative of Division Command, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Community Leader to recommend members for awards as they see fit.

2. The awards will be applied for through the Awards Form; If not available, a PAF will suffice. The PAF will include: The member’s name receiving the award, the award being applied for, and a citation of what the member did to deserve the award. Further evidence that they deserve the award will assist during board evaluation.

3. Once the PAF is filed it will be reviewed by the DOH. They will decide, along with the OIC’s input, if the award should be approved. Upon approval, MILPACS staff will use the information provided on the original/modified PAF and submit that into the MILPACS system on that user’s roster page.

4. The following reasons are used to rescind awards.

(a) The award was given out erroneously; as in the member provided false proof of participation.
(b) Member is charged with dishonorable conduct during the period in which the award application is being reviewed.

5. Image Sizes will be standardized in High Resolution. Three images will be provided on the wiki page and the corresponding ribbon, badge, and/or medal will be applied to MILPACS.

(a) 1 Small version (55px width by 16px height)
(b) 1 Medium version (130px width by 35px)
(c) 1 Medal version (150px width by 267px height)

Section 4. Duties of Heads of Departments

The Director of the Department of Heraldry shall be responsible for ensuring the Coordinators meet no less than once a month.

Section 5. General Provisions

This order is intended only to establish the assignment and creation/editing of Right To Rebel awards and medals, and does not;

(a) Attempt to dishonor the awards they are based on
(b) Create any extra Division level positions or to take away from normal duties.