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A Division in Right to Rebel is a unit usually consisting of between two and seven companies. They normally have subordinate units, Companies, that are identified by single letters (Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, etc.). Divisions are tactical and administrative organizations with a capability to plan and conduct independent operations and are normally organic components of Divisions. Right to Rebel utilizes the ranks of Colonel through Major General to command a Division. The Division Leader maintains Command Authority over all Division sections and elements.

Currently Right to Rebel is regimented into one Division,"RTR Division" consisting of all RTR community members not assigned to Community Level Post.

Current Division Leader

BG. Antivanity

Past Division Leaders

BG. Nicknamessuk

BG. Sniperkiller29

COL. Mick3

COL. MidTower

BG. R1d1CuLouS