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A Company Commander is the commanding officer of a Company. The position of Company Commander is usually held by a Captain. As commanding officer, he or she exercises full command and control over the unit and may exercise Nonjudicial punishment (Article 15) authority over unit personnel. A Company command is usually considered a prestigious assignment and important in career progression if an officer hopes to attain higher rank. Usually, a Company Executive Officer and a Company First Sergeant are assigned to assist the company commander and are vital to his or her success in commanding the unit.


The Company commander leads the Company under his command. He is also the point of contact to the platoon leaders under his command.


The company commander is responsible of the following duties;

  • Maintain and adjust ( if necessary) Rules,Maps,Settings and game types of all servers under your Command.

  • Ensure the Codes of Conduct are followed and enforced in your Company.
  • Develop and Apply Training Standards and SST's ( Small Squad Tactics) based on the needs for your Company.
  • Ensure S.L.'s have the necessary resources for there squads.
  • Reviewing Company reports from all Platoons under his command.
  • Transmitting various reports to the Command staff.
  • Relay information transmitted to him from the Chain of Command to the personnel under his command.
  • Perform administrative duties and paper work associated with his Company. (ex: Nonjudicial punishment (Article 15), commendation)
  • Assist in the Day to Day running of the Division

Current Company Commanders

BF3 Company: