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In Right to Rebel, Command Sergeant Major (CSM) is rank (Administratively known as Command Sergeant Major E-9 (CSM)). The Command Sergeant Major is the principal Senior NCO of the Division. This is a unique post as there can be only one in service in the Division and carries a grade equivalent to a O-5. He assists the Division Leader and advises him on all matters relating the NCO Corps. The Command Sergeant Major is the undisputed ruler of the NCO Corps, and all NCOs, regardless of unit or posting, second only to the Sergeant Major of the Army. Junior Officers are wise in heeding his advice as well, because in the RTR Division the Command Sergeant Major makes or breaks Lieutenants.


  • No Negative Counseling Statements during the last ninety (90) days.
  • No Article 15 in the last sixty (60) days.
  • Special appointment by the Commanding General of the Division
  • Completion of SGM Academy.

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